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In den Houttuyn
This series comprises publications regarding the cultural history of the city of Leiden:
1.    R. Feenstra – Philips van Leyden en zijn bibliotheek. 1994. (sold out)  
2.    W.K. van Leyden – Goeie Mie of de Leidsche Gifmengster. 1994. (sold out)
3.    J. Luchtmans – Reis naar Engeland in 1772. Ingeleid, bezorgd en van aantekeningen voorzien door P. Hoftijzer en J. v. Waterschoot. 1995. 39 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 03 1
The 18th-century Leiden booksellers Samuel (1725-1780) and Johannes (1726-1809) Luchtmans regularly travelled to other European countries to contact colleagues in the book trade. The diaries of these brothers, describing their journeys for over 40 years, are fascinating ego-documents. This journal by Johannes Luchtmans, regarding his journey to England, is all the more interesting, since only few early-modern journals by Dutchmen who travelled to England have survived.

4.    W. Otterspeer – De opvoedende kracht van den groentijd. Het Leidse ontgroenschandaal van 1911. 1995. 54 pp. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 04 x     

This study focuses on the 1911 ragging scandal of the Leiden students’ union, caused by a reception. Alongside it describes the origins and backgrounds of students’ ragging in Leiden.

5.    D. Coebergh – Koetsen, klerken en karbonaadjes. Jeugdherinneringen van een Leidse notarisdochter.    
(sold out)  
6.    I.Th. Leierzapf – Toe heeren, nou even stil gestaan … De Leidse studentenfotograaf J.D. Kiek. 1997. 47 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 06 6     

The Leiden photographer Israël D. Kiek (1811-1899) gave his name to the Dutch colloquialism for photograph: ‘kiekje’. Between 1860 and 1896 many students came to his workshop for group portraits. This study focuses on his life in Leiden and his importance for the history of Dutch photography.

 7.    J. Kardux & E. van der Bilt – Newcomers in an old city. The American Pilgrims in Leiden, 1609-1620. 3rd rev. Ed. 2007. 87 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 07 4

In 1609 a group of hundred English refugees from religious persecution received permission to settle in Leiden. In 1620, about fifty of them again left this old Dutch city to found a colony in North America. Later generations of Americans named them ‘Pilgrim Fathers’, transforming their history in an epic drama of ‘splendid achievement, heroic deeds, and noble sacrifice’. This book tells the more modest but no less fascinating story of the Pilgrims’ eleven-year stay in Leiden. Looking beyond the myths in which their history is shrouded, it shows that first and foremost the American Pilgrims were immigrants rather than nation builders, and their experiences not much different from those of other newcomers, then as well as now.

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8.    M. van der Weij – Dicht op de muur. Gedichten in Leiden (Part I, poems 1-43). Rev. ed. w. index on poems 1-103 & new plan w. all poems. 2012. 144 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 08 2   13,50   
9.    M. van der Weij – Dicht op de muur 2. Gedichten in Leiden (Poems 44-101). 2005. 168 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers. ISBN 90 75089 11 2

The city of Leiden is decorated throughout with surprising 'wall poems'. These poems are part of the project ‘Poems and walls’, which began in 1992 with a poem by the Russian poet Marina Tsvetajeva on the façade of Burgersdijk & Niermans. That poem was the start of a series of 101 poems that has been completed in 2005 with De Profundis of Garcia Lorca.
Placing poems on the walls was a private initiative by the foundation TEGEN-BEELD of Ben Walenkamp and Jan-Willem Bruins. Various private and corporate sponsors have also supported the project. The foundation focuses on the relationship between language and image.
The two volumes ‘Dicht op de muur’ presents all 101 wall poems with a photograph and a Dutch translation.

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 Also available:

  • Bangs, J.D. Strangers and Pilgrims, Travellers and Sojourners. Leiden and the Foundations of Plymouth Plantation. 2013. 928 pp. W. ill. Or. cloth w. dust-jacket.

    This work is a vast re-analysis of the Pilgrims' early history, beginning with their time spent in Holland. The book is meticulously researched, including Dutch, English and American sources, some of them new. The book includes a 56-page comprehensive index, as well as an extensive 107-page bibliography; both of which provide excellent reference material. See the website of the Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

  • Th. H. Lunsingh Scheurleer, C. Willemijn Fock & A.J. van Dissel - Het Rapenburg. Geschiedenis van een Leidse gracht

In 1969 a research project started regarding the housing culture of Leiden’s most important canal. This project has resulted in the publication of 6 volumes dedicated to the history and inhabitants of almost each of the houses along Rapenburg.
           I                Groenhazenburch: Rapenburg 1 t/m 23
           II               De Paplepel: Rapenburg 2 t/m 10 (even)
 III (a+b)    Meyenburch: Rapenburg 25 t/m 57 (oneven)

 IV (a+b)     Leeuwenhorst: Rapenburg 12 t/m 28 (even) + addendum Rapenburg 33     

 V (a+b)      ‘s Gravensteyn: Rapenburg 30 t/m 56 (even)   

 VI (a+b)     Het Rijck van Pallas: Rapenburg 59 t/m 71 (oneven) + diverse addenda  

 Index van personen

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  • J. Blom – The Antiquities of Singasari. 1939. VIII, 184 pp. W. ill. Or. wrappers.
This study focuses on the restoration of the once mighty group of buildings of the Singasari complex, situated near the main road from Malang to Pasuran on East-Java.