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Catalogue 71 : Books on Classical Studies (1112 nrs.)

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  1. ABERCROMBIE, D. Elements of General Phonetics. Edinburgh UP, 1980. 203 pp. Or. boards w. dust-j. *16,00

  2. ADAM, A. Antiquités romaines ou tableau des moeurs, usages et institutions des romains. Par., 1818. 2 vols. Cont. half calf extra, labelled in red. (Slightly foxed else good). *70,00

  3. ADAM, S. The Technique of Greek Sculp­ture in the Archaic and Classical Periods. Lond., 1966. W. 72 plts. Sm-4°. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *35,00

  4. AESCHYLUS. Agamemnon. M. inl., crit. noten en comm. d. P. Groeneboom. Gron., 1944. 383 pp. Or. cloth. *20,00

  5. AESCHYLUS. Doodenoffer. In Ned. ver­zen overgebracht d. P.C. Boutens. Rott., W. & J. Brusse, 1919. 55 pp. Or. wrappers. (Wrps. browned). *15,00

  6. AESCHYLUS. Eumenieden. In Ned. ver­zen overgebracht d. P.C. Boutens. Rott., W. & J. Brusse, 1922. 53 pp. Or. wrappers. (Wrps. browned). *15,00

  7. AESCHYLUS. Orestie. Griech. & Deutsch v. U. von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff. 2. Stück: Das Opfer am Grabe [Choephoroi]. Berl., Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1896. (4), 268 pp. Cloth. (Some minor foxing, else a fine copy). *36,00

  8. AESCHYLUS. Orestie. M. erklär. Anmer­kungen v. N. Wecklein. Lpz., Teubner, 1888. iv, 334 pp. Half cloth. *55,00

  9. AESCHYLUS. Orestie. M. erklär. Anmer­kungen v. N. Wecklein. Lpz., 1888. Cloth. (W. annot. in pencil & ink). *50,00

  10. AESCHYLUS. Perser. Einl., Text, Krit. Apparat. & Komm. Hrsg. v. P. Groene­boom. Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1960. 2 vols. 70; 200 pp. Sm-8º. Or. wrappers. *23,00

  11. AESCHYLUS. Prometheus Vinctus ad fidem Manuscriptorum emend. notas et glos­sarium adjecit C.J. Blomfield. Leipzig, Teubner, 1822. x, 209 pp. Or. boards. (Edges slightly worn. Some annot. in ink & pencil). *25,00

  12. AESCHYLUS. Schutzflehende (Suppli­ces). M. Einl., Komm., Exkurs. & Sachreg. v. J. Vürt­heim. Par./Amst., 1928. Or. half cloth. *22,00

  13. AESCHYLUS. Zeven tegen Thebe. M. inl., crit. noten & comm. d. P. Groeneboom. Gron., J.B. Wolters, 1938. 266 pp. Or. cloth. *22,00

  14. AESCHYLUS, (a.o.). Greek Tragedies. Vol. 1. Ed. D. Grene & R. Lattimore. (Aeschy­lus: Agamemnon/Prometheus Bound. Sopho­cles: Oedipus the King/Antigone. Euripides: Hip­polytus). Chicago UP, 1960. 291 pp. Or. wrap­pers. *16,00

  15. AESCHYLUS & SOPHOCLES. Tragoe­diae et fragmenta. Graece et latine c. indicc. [a] E.A.I. Ahrens [et] L. Benloew. Paris, Firmin Didot, 1856. 408 pp. Lge-8º. Cont. calf w. dec. gilt back & coat of arms on front. *150,00
    Schoolprize binding, with schoolprize from Groningen Gymnasium, 1856.

  16. AESCHYLUS -- CONACHER, D.J. Ae­schy­­­lus’ Prometheus Bound. A Literary Com­men­tary. Toronto UP, 1980. xii, 198 pp. Or. wrap­pers. (Mint condition). *10,00

  17. AESCHYLUS. -- NES, D. v. Die maritime Bildersprache des Aischylos. Thesis. Gron., 1963. iv, 197 pp. Or. wrappers. *20,00

  18. AESCHYLUS -- VEEN, E. v. Interpolaties in Aeschylus' Zeven tegen Thebe. Thesis. Gron., Wolters, 1938. 86 pp. Or. wrappers. *16,00

  19. ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Über den Men­schen. Lateinisch-Deutsch. Ubers. u. hrsg. v. H. Anzulewicz u. J.R. Söder. (AC-fortseztung) Meiner, 2006. xlix, 202 pp. Paperback. 24,50

  20. ALFARABI. Philosophische Abhandlun­gen. Aus dem Arab. übers. v. F. Dieterici. Lei­den, 1892. xlvii, 223 pp. Or. wrap­pers. *25,00

  21. ALFÖLDI, A. Das frühe Rom und die Latiner. Übers. von F. Kolb. Darmstadt, 1977. 604 pp. W. 24 plts. & 1 map. Or. cloth. *28,00

  22. ALGRA, (a.o.). The Cambridge Compa­nion to Hellenistic Philosophy. Cambridge UP, 2005. 916 pp. Paperback. 49,30

  23. AMBRA, E. d' Roman Women. Cam­bridge UP, June 2006. Paperback. 25,00

  24. AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. Le Storie. A cura di A. Selem. Turin, UTET, 1973. 1166 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *62,00

  25. AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS -- NAU­DÉ, C.P.T. Ammianus Marcellinus in die lig van die antieke geskiedskrywing. Thesis. Lei­den, Drukkerij “Luctor et emergo”, 1956. 144 pp. Or. wrappers. *18,00

  26. ANACREON. Anacreontis Teii ex An­tho­logiae Palatinae volumine altero nunc Pari­siensi post H. Stephanum et J. Spalletti tertium edita a V. Rose. Leipzig, Teubner, 1890. xxiv, 70 pp. Cont. cloth. (Annot. in pencil). *11,00

  27. ANCONA, R. & E. GREENE, (eds.). Gen­dered Dynamics of Latin Love Poetry. Johns Hopkins UP, 2005. 372 pp. Bound. 63,70

  28. ANDERSON, W.S. Essays on Roman Sa­tire. Princeton UP, 1982. xviii, 494 pp. Or. cloth. *30,00

  29. ANDRÉ, J.-M. La philosophie à Rome. Paris, PUF, 1977. Or. wrappers. *15,00

  30. ANDRES, J.U. Concordantia in Flavii Co­rippi Ioannida. Hildesheim & Zürich, Olms & Weidmann, 1993. 616 pp. 4°. Or. cloth. *85,00

  31. ANGEL, J.L. The People of Lerna. Analy­sis of a Prehistoric Aegean Population. Prince­ton, 1971. W. ill. 4°. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *30,00

  32. ANKUM, H. Collatio Iuris Romani. Étu­des dédidées à H. Ankum à l'occasion de son 65e anniversaire. Ed. p. R. Feenstra, A.S. Hart­kamp, J.E. Spruit, P.J. Sijpesteijn & L.C. Win­kel. Amst., 1995. 2 vols. 4°. Or. cloth. *145,00

  33. ANTHOLOGY -- Die griechische Antho­lo­gie. Übertr. v. D. Ebener. Berl. & Weimar, 1981. 3 vols. Sm-8°. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *28,00

  34. ANTIMACHUS -- BENECKE, E.F.M. Anti­machus of Colophon and the Position of Women in Greek Poetry. Repr. ed. [Lond.] Gron., Bouma’s Boekhuis, [1896] 1970. viii, 256 pp. Or. cloth. *22,00

  35. ANTIPHON -- BIGNONE, E. Antifonte oratore e Antifonte sofista. A cura di B. Gentili e G. Morelli. Urbino, 1974. 137 pp. Or. wrap­pers. *12,50

  36. ARCHIMEDES. The Works. Ed. by T.L. Heath. W. a Supplement: The Method of Archimedes, recently discovered by Heiberg. N.Y., Dover, (±1950). clxxxvi, 326, 51 pp. Or. wrappers. *18,00

  37. ARISTOPHANES. Comoediae et perdita­rum fragmenta. Ex nova rec. G. Dindorf. ed. E.P.M. Longueville. Accedunt Menandri et Philemonis fragm. auct. et emend. ed. F. Düb­ner. Graece et lat. cum indic. Par., Didot, 1862. Ca. 700 pp. W. 1 fold-out facs. Lge-8º. Cont. half calf w. raised bands & marbled sides. *95,00

  38. ARISTOPHANES. Fragments. Ed. & Transl. by J. Henderson. Loeb, 2006. 400 pp. Bound. 26,55

  39. ARISTOPHANES. Pax. Cum prolegome­nis er commentariis iterum ed. J. v. Leeuwen. Leiden, 1906. xi, 202 pp Or. wrappers. *12,00
    Good copy.

  40. ARISTOPHANES -- ALINK, M.J. De vo­gels van Aristophanes. Een structuuranalyse en interpretatie. Thesis. Amst., Grüner, 1983. 326 pp. Or. wrappers. *17,50

  41. ARISTOPHANES -- DOVER, K.J. Aristo­phanic Comedy. Berkeley & L.A., California UP, 1972. xiv, 254 pp. Or. wrappers. *18,00

  42. ARISTOPHANES -- KASSIES, W. Aristo­phanes' Traditionalisme. Thesis. Amst., 1963. 129 pp. Or. wrappers. *17,00

  43. ARISTOPHANES -- SICKING, C.M.J. Aris­tophanes' Ranae. Een hoofdstuk uit de ge­schie­denis der Griekse poetica. Thesis. As­sen, Van Gorcum, 1962. 198 pp. Or. wrappers. *26,00

  44. ARISTOTELES. Aristoteles - Ethics. Illu­strated w. Essays and Notes by A. Grant. 4th ed., rev. Lond., Longmans, 1885. 2 vols. xxxv, 514; 351, lxxxviii pp. Or. cloth. (In places rather heavily annotated and underl. in pencil). *35,00

  45. ARISTOTELES. Aristotle on his Prede­ces­sors. Transl. w. notes & intr. by A.E. Taylor. W. a forew. by H. Shapiro. La Salle, Open Court, 1969. xix, 159 pp. Or. wrappers. *8,00

  46. ARISTOTELES. De Generatione et Cor­rup­tione. Transl. w. notes by C.J.F. Williams. Oxford UP, 1982. 239 pp. Or. wrappers. (Back discold.). *18,00

  47. ARISTOTELES. De la richesse. De la prière. De la noblesse. Du plaisir de l’éduca­tion. Fragments et témoignages éd. p. P.-M. Schuhl. Paris, PUF, 1968. 166 pp. Half cloth w. or. front side laid down. *18,00

  48. ARISTOTELES. De Mundo. Aristoteles Latinus XI 1-2 Editio 2a. Transl. Bartholomaei et Nicholai ed. W.L. Lormer. Rev. L. Minio-Paluello. Bruges-Paris, Desclée De Brouwer, 1965. l, 194 pp. Or. cloth. *35,00

  49. ARISTOTELES. De Partibus Animalium I & De Generatione Animalium I. Transl. w. notes by D.M. Balme. Oxford, 1972. 173 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. (Spine discold.). *30,00

  50. ARISTOTELES. De somno et vigilia liber adiectis veteribus transl. et Theodori Metochi­tae comm. (ed.) H.J. Drossaart Lulofs. Thesis. Leiden, Burgersdijk & Niermans, 1943. xxxvii, 44, 20, 45 pp. W. 4 plts. Or. wrappers. (Bit yellowed, some stains, else good). *30,00

  51. ARISTOTELES. Della filosofia. Introd., testo, trad. e comm. esegetico di M. Unter­steiner. Rome, 1963. xl, 310 pp. Half cloth w. or. wrappers laid down. *32,00

  52. ARISTOTELES. Ethics. Ed. & Transl. by J. Warrington. Lond./N.Y., Dent & Dutton, 1963. xviii, 254 pp. Sm-8°. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *12,00

  53. ARISTOTELES. Eudemian Ethics books I, II & VIII. Transl. w. a Comm. by M. Woods. Oxford, 1982. 234 pp. Or. wrappers. *18,00

  54. ARISTOTELES. La generazione e la cor­ru­zione. Trad. introd. e comm. di M. Migliori. Napoli, Loffredo, 1976. 289 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *25,00

  55. ARISTOTELES. Le categorie. Trad., introd., comm. D. Pesce. Padova, 1967. vii, 125 pp. Or. wrappers. *12,50

  56. ARISTOTELES. Le plaisir (Eth. Nic. VII 11-14, X 1-5). Introd., trad. & notes par A.J. Festu­gière. Paris, Vrin, 1946. lxxvi, 48 pp. Or. wrap­pers. *11,00

  57. ARISTOTELES. Metaphysics. Books G, D, E. Transl. w. notes by Ch. Kirwan. Oxford, 1971. 206 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. (Spine a bit faded, else fine). *32,00

  58. ARISTOTELES. Metaphysics. Books M and N. Transl. w. introd. & notes by J. Annas. Oxford, 1976. 227 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *32,00

  59. ARISTOTELES. On Coming-to-be and Passing-away. (De generatione et Corruptio­ne.) Rev. text w. Introd. & Comm. by H.H. Joachim. Oxford UP, 1922. xxxviii, 303 pp. Or. cloth. (Some annot. in pencil). *30,00

  60. ARISTOTELES. Organon. Introd., trad. e note di G. Colli. Torino, 1955. Or. cloth. *85,00

  61. ARISTOTELES. Politics and The Athe­nian Constitution. Ed. & Transl. by J. Warring­ton. Lond. & N.Y., Dent & Dutton, 1959. xvi, 320 pp. Sm-8°. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *12,00

  62. ARISTOTELES. Rhétorique livre III. Texte établ. & trad. p. F. Dufour & A. Wartelle. Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1973. 172 pp. Or. wrappers. (Unopened). *17,50

  63. ARISTOTELES. The Rhetoric. W. a comm. by E.M. Cope. Rev. & ed. by J.E. San­dys. (Repr. ed). N.Y., [Cambridge UP] Arno Press, [1877] 1973. 3 in 1 vols ca. 1000 pp. Or. binding. *75,00

  64. ARISTOTELES. The Works. Vol. VIII: Metaphysica. Transl. by W.D. Ross. 2nd Ed. Oxford UP, 1960. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *30,00

  65. ARISTOTELES. Works. Transl. into Engl. under the editorship of D. Ross. Oxford UP, (1927-75). 12 vols. Or. bleu cloth. *475,00
    A good complete set of this rare work.

  66. ARISTOTELES -- ALLAN, D.J. Aristote. Le philosophe. Trad. p. Ch. Lefèvre. Préf. p. A. Mansion. Louvain, 1962. viii, 248 pp. Or. wrap­pers. (Uncut, some pencil annot.). *10,00

  67. ARISTOTELES -- APOSTLE, H.G. Aris­totle’s Philosophy of Mathematics. Chicago UP, 1952. x, 228 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *45,00

  68. ARISTOTELES -- BARNES J. (a.o., eds.). Articles on Aristotle. 1. Science 2. Ethics & politics 3. Metaphysics. 4. Psychology & aes­thetics. Lond., Duckworth, 1975-79. 4 vols. Ca. 970 pp. Or. wrappers. (Spines sunned). *50,00
    Articles of various authors, incl.: M. Scho­field, R. Sorabji, W. Wieland, G.E.M. Anscombe a.m.o.

  69. ARISTOTELES -- BLOND, J.M. LE. Logi­que & méthode chez Aristote. Étude sur la recherche des principes dans la physique aristotélicienne. 2e éd. Paris, Libr. J. Vrin, 1970. 454 pp. Cloth w. or. front side & spine laid down. *36,00

  70. ARISTOTELES -- BOSTOCK, D. Space, Time, Matter, and Form. Essays on Aristotle's Physics. Oxford UP, 2006. 194 pp. Bound. 70,30

  71. ARISTOTELES. -- BUTCHER, S.H. Aris­totle's Theory of Poetry & Fine Art. W. a crit. text & transl. of The Poetics. 4th ed. W. a new. Int. by J. Gassner. London, Macmillan, 1911. xl,421 pp. Or. cloth. *35,00

  72. ARISTOTELES -- DAY, J. & M. CHAM­BERS. Aristotle’s history of Athenian democra­cy. Amst., 1967. xiii, 219 pp. Or. cloth. *23,00

  73. ARISTOTELES -- DE CORTE, M. Aristote et Plotin. Paris, Desclée de Brouwer, 1935. 290 pp. Or. wrappers. (Uncut). *20,00

  74. ARISTOTELES -- DÜRING, I., (ed.). Natur­philosophie bei Aristoteles & Theophrast. Ver­handlungen des 4. Symposium Aristoteli­cum veranstaltet in Göteborg, Aug. 1966. Heidel­berg, Lothar Stiehm, 1969. 292 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *42,00
    W. contributions by E. Berti, J. Bollack, G.A. Seeck, W.J. Verdenius, K. Oehler, a.o.

  75. ARISTOTELES -- FLASHAR, H., (ed.). Die Philosophie der Antike. Bd. 3: Ältere Aka­demie. Aristoteles. Peripatos. Basel & Stuttg., Schwabe & Co., 1983. xxii, 645 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. (Mint condition). *55,00

  76. ARISTOTELES -- GOHLKE, P. Die Ent­ste­hung der Aristotelischen Prinzipien­lehre. Tübingen, Mohr, 1954. iv, 114 pp. Half cloth extra. (W. or. wrappers pasted on). *17,00

  77. ARISTOTELES -- GOTTHELF, A., (ed.). Aristotle On Nature and Living Things. Philo­sophical and Historical Studies. Pres. to David M. Balme on his 70th Birthday. Pitts­burgh & Bristol, Mathesis & Bristol Classical Press, 1985. xxix, 410 pp. Or. binding w. dust-j. *55,00

  78. ARISTOTELES -- HALLIWELL, S. Aris­totle’s Poetics. London, Duckworth, 1998. xiv, 369 pp. Or. wrappers. *20,00

  79. ARISTOTELES -- HAMMOND, W.A. Aris­totle’s Psychology. A treatise on the principle of life. (De Anima et Parva Natura­lia). Lond. & N.Y., Swan Sonnenschein & Mac­millan, 1902. lxxxvi, 340 pp. Or. cloth. (Un­opened). *32,00

  80. ARISTOTELES -- HARDIE, W.F.R. Aris­totle's Ethical Theory. Oxford UP, 1968. viii, 370 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *50,00

  81. ARISTOTELES -- HINTIKKA, J. Time & Ne­cessity. Studies in Aristotle's Theory of Moda­lity. Oxford UP, 1973. viii, 225 pp. Or. cloth. (Tight & clean, some annot. in pencil). *52,00

  82. ARISTOTELES -- JAEGER, W. Aristotle. Fundamentals of the History of his Develop­ment. Transl. w. the authors’s corrections & add. by R. Robinson. 2nd Ed. Oxford, Claren­don, 1948. 476 pp. Or. cloth. (Few annot. in pencil & ink, cloth somewhat worn). *28,00

  83. ARISTOTELES -- KAL, V. Over intuïtie en discursiviteit bij Aristoteles. Thesis. Amst., 1984. Or. wrappers. *20,00

  84. ARISTOTELES -- LAURENTI, R. Genesi e formazione della “Politica” di Aristotele. Pa­do­va, Cedam, 1965. 161 pp. Or. wrappers. *12,00

  85. ARISTOTELES -- LEAR, G.R. Happy Lives and the Highest Good. An Essay on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Princeton UP, 2006. viii, 238 pp. Paperback. 23,90

  86. ARISTOTELES -- LEAR, J. Aristotle and Logical Theory. Cambridge, Cambridge UP, 1980. xii, 124 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *19,00

  87. ARISTOTELES -- LUGARINI, L. Aristo­tele e l’Idea della Filosofia. Firenze, La Nuova Ita­lia, 1961. x, 278 pp. Half cloth extra w. or. wrappers pasted on. *25,00

  88. ARISTOTELES -- LUKASIEWICZ, J. Aris­totle's Syllogistic from the Standpoint of Modern Formal Logic. Oxford, 1954. x, 141 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *34,00

  89. ARISTOTELES -- LUKASIEWICZ, J. Aris­totle's Syllogistic from the Standpoint of Modern Formal Logic. 2nd enl. ed. Oxford, 1967. xiii, 222 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *30,00

  90. ARISTOTELES -- MANSION, S., (ed.). Aristote et les Problèmes de Méthode. Com­munications présentées au Symposium Aristo­telicum. Louvain 1960. Louvain & Paris, PUL & Béatrice-Nauwelaerts, 1961. ix, 362 pp. Half cloth extra w. or. wrappers pasted on. *39,00

  91. ARISTOTELES -- MANSION, S. Le juge­ment d'existence chez Aristote. Louvain/Paris, 1946. 311 pp. Or. wrappers. *22,00

  92. ARISTOTELES -- MARX, W. The Meaning of Aristotle’s ‘Ontology’. The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff, 1954. ix, 68 pp. Or. wrappers. *10,00

  93. ARISTOTELES -- McCALL, S. Aristotle’s Modal Syllogisms. Amst., North-Hol­land, 1963. viii, 100 pp. Or. soft boards w. dust-j. *20,00

  94. ARISTOTELES -- MERCKEN, H.P.F. Aris­toteles over de menselijke volkomenheid. Boe­ken I en II van de nikomachische ethiek met de kommentaren van Eustratius en een een ano­nymus in de lat. vert. van Grosseteste. Brussel, 1964. 72, 209 pp. Or. wrappers. *16,00

  95. ARISTOTELES -- MUGNIER, R. La théo­rie du premier moteur et l’évolution de la pen­sée. Paris, Vrin, 1930. 232 pp. Half cloth extra w. or. spine & front side laid down. *26,00

  96. ARISTOTELES -- MUIRHEAD, J.H. Chap­ters on Aristotle’s Ethics. Lond., Murray, 1900. xiii, 320 pp. Or. cloth. (Back somewhat worn; w. some annot. in pencil). *15,00

  97. ARISTOTELES -- MULGAN, R.G. Aris­tot­le’s Political Theory. An Introd. for Students of Political Theory. Oxford, Claren­don, 1977. 156 pp. Or. wrappers. (Back dis­cold.). *12,00

  98. ARISTOTELES -- NAGLE, D.B. The House­hold as the Foundation of Aristotle's Polis. Cambridge UP, 2005. Bound. 80,00

  99. ARISTOTELES -- NICOLAUS DAMAS­CE­NUS. De Plantis. Five Translations. Ed. & Introd. by H.J. Drossaart Lulofs & E.L.J. Poort­man. Amst., North-Holland Publ. Comp., 1989. xvi, 732 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *65,00

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  103. ARISTOTELES -- OATES, W.J. Aristotle and the Problem of Value. Princeton UP, 1963. x, 387 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. (Spine faded). *38,00

  104. ARISTOTELES -- PREUS, A. Science and Philosophy in Aristotle’s Biological Works. Hildesheim, Olms, 1975. ix, 404 pp. Or. cloth w. dust-j. *30,00

  105. ARISTOTELES -- RHODES, P.J. A Com­mentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Poli­teia. Oxford UP, 1981. xiii, 795 pp. Or. cloth. (Very good.). *95,00

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  109. ARISTOTELES -- SOLMSEN, F. Aris­totle’s System of the Physical World. A compa­rison with his predecessors. Cornell UP, 1960. xiv, 468 pp. Or. cloth. (Spine a bit faded, underl. in ink, but only in a few places, else a fine & clean copy). - Rare. *150,00

  110. ARISTOTELES -- TORRACA, L. Ricerche sull’ Aristotele minore. Padova, 1959. 89 pp. Or. wrappers. *13,50

  111. ARISTOTELES -- (VARIOUS ED.). Autour d’Aristote. Recueil d’études de philosophie ancienne et médiévale offert a Mons. A. Man­sion. Louvain, Publ. Univ. de Louvain, 1955. xxx, 592 pp. W. front. Half cloth extra w. or. spine & front side laid down. *45,00

  112. ARISTOTELES -- WILPERT, P. Zwei aris­to­telische Frühschriften über die Ideenlehre. Re­gensburg, J. Habbel, 1949. 231 pp. Or. cloth. (W. stamps on endpaper, slightly browned). *16,00

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  116. ARNALDI, G. Italy and its Invaders. Harvard UP, 2005. 240 pp. Bound. 23,80

  117. ARTHABER, A. Dizionario comparato di proverbi e modi proverbiali in sette lingue. (Italiana, latina, francese, spagnola, tedesca, inglese, greca antica). Con relativi indici siste­matico-alfabetici. Milano, Hoepli, 1981. xiv, 892 pp. Or. wrappers. *16,00

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