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(DIDEROT & d'ALEMBERT. L'Encyclopédie (). Par., 1751-57). 31 pp. W. 23 full-p. engr. Fol. Old h. vellum w. marbled brds.
estimate EUR 240
Nice binding containing text and accompanying plates from the headword 'Chasses'. The plates depict various types of hunting, including 3 plates related to falconry.


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ES, N.J.A.P.H. van. De hippische sport en het Korps Rijdende Artillerie 1793-1908. Arnhem, (1908). 2 vols. (16), 172, (18); (14), 221, (19) pp. W. plain photo-engr. plates and exquisite, partly handcold. illustr. by Hoynck v. Papendrecht, Krabbé, Staring en Van Es. W. fine book ornamentation (initials, coats of arms, vignettes, etc.) by Colenbrander and Roskam, for the greater part cold. by hand and partly heightened in silver and gold. Lge-fol. Fine or. gilt dec. cl., t.e.g.
estimate EUR 2.400
result EUR 3.800
Very scarce work on falconry, hunting in general and horse riding, dedicated to Prince Alexander of Orange Nassau (1818-1848). Copy with handwritten dedication by the author to Baron Pallandt van Neerijnen, Queen Wilhelmina's Grand Master of Ceremonies. Printed for private circulation only in a very limited edition on fine laid paper.


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FREDERICK II. De arte venandi cum avibus. Ms. Pal. Lat. 1071, Bibl. Apostolica Vaticana. (With:) C.A. WILLEMSEN. Commentary volume: Introduction and elucidative description of the facs. edition. Graz, Akad. Druck- & Verlagsanstalt, (1969). 1 vol. w. a fine full colour facs. of the codex and 1 vol. w. commentary. Fol. Or. full suede and or. h. suede binds., tog. in or. slipcase w. suede spine. (Codices et Vaticanis Selecti XXX). - Printed in a limited edition.
estimate EUR 300
result EUR 280

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