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1100   ARCTIC REGION -- GROOT, Olaus de [OLAUS MAGNUS]. Toonneel der Noordsche Landen, Daer op in 't kort en klarelijck al de wonderen en vreemdigheden, die men in die Landen vindt, vertoont worden. Met een korte en klare beschryvingh van Yslandt en Groenlandt, door Dithmarus Blefkenius, (). Amst., N. v. Ravesteyn, 1652. 2 parts in 1 vol. (22), 563, (13); 38, (2) pp. W. engr. ti. and 4 fold. maps. Sm-8º. Cont. vellum w. overl. sides. (Some unobtrusive staining in the lower blank margin, but a very good copy).
estimate EUR 800  EUR 2.200
This text on dark winters, violent currents and beasts of the sea amazed the rest of Europe. It was published for the first time in Latin in 1555 as 'Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus'. It is still today a valuable repertory of much curious information in regard to Scandinavian customs and folklore. This is the first edition in Dutch and rather rare. - Tiele 710; Sabin 28929: "The maps in this Dutch edition of the famous history of Olaus Magnus, are curious and valuable, especially the one of the North Polar regions. The addition of the important work of Blefkens on Greenland renders this altogether a desirable geographical volume on the high North."

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