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ERASMUS, D. Apologia respondens ad ea quae Jac. Lopis Stunica taxauerat in prima duntaxat N.T. aeditione. Ed. w. introd., crit. appar. & explan. notes (by) H.J. de Jonge. 1983. Owrps. -- Id. Poems. W. introd. & notes by C. Reedijk. 1956. Owrps. -- Id. Colloquies. Transl. by C.R. Thompson. (1965). Ohcl. w. (a bit dam.) dust-j. -- (F. VANDERHAEGEN). Bibliotheca Erasmiana. Répertoire des œuvres d'Érasme. (Repr. ed. 1893). 1961. Ocl. -- ERASMUS en zijn tijd. Mus. Boymans- v. Beuningen. 1969. 1 text-vol. & 1 plate-vol. Owrps. -- And 15 o. (smaller) works on/by E. (21).
estimate EUR 70
result EUR 60

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ERASMUS, D. Opera omnia. Emend. et auct., ad optimas ed., praecipue quas ipse Erasmus post. cur., summa fide exacta, doct. vir. not. illustr. Rec. J. Clericus (J. Le Clerc). (Repr. ed. 1703-06). Hildesheim, 1962-2001. 10 in 11 vols. W. num. ill., incl. fold. portr. of the author. Fol. Ocl. (Vol. 1-2 printed in 2001 in a slightly smaller binding).
estimate EUR 450
result EUR 525

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ERASMUS, D. Opera omnia. Rec. et adnot. critica instr. not. illustrata. Vol. I-1, I-7, I-8, ; II-3, II-4, II-6, II-9, ; IV-2, IV-4; V-6, V-7; VI-4, VI-7, VI-9, VI-10; IX-1, IX-4-8. Amst., 1969-2015. 21 vols. of the series. 4º. Ocl. Plus extra copy of vol. II-6. -- (22).
estimate EUR 400
result EUR 750

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